The history of Hotel The Neighbour's Magnolia

The beautiful magnolia tree has been standing in the divine garden in this quiet residential area in Amsterdam Zuid for centuries,From this place, the tree has witnessed the many developments and events in the area. She has seen families come and go, has seen children grow into adulthood, has seen loyal residents age, and so on. Throughout the years, this small tree has grown into a handsome magnolia that treats many people to its floral splendour each spring. This brings much pleasure to all residents who have a view of the tree, but also to the guests and employess of the adjacent hotel

This Amsterdam hotel, located at the Willemsparkweg opened nearly 40 years ago under the name Hotel Toledo. Soon after the opening, the hotel was taken over by Nico Zandbergen. Our magnoloa tree witnessed Nico reshaping the hotel into a neat three star hotel, equipped with all the comforts that an international guest might expect. The three also watched over the accumulation of an impressive art collection. Art was one of Nico’s great passions and, in all his flamboyance, he changed the name into Hotel Zandbergen.

The hotel was Nico Zandbergen’s heritage. For many years, it rested in the capable hands of Robert en Margaret Vonk. When the magnolia peeked into the lobby, she saw how they lovingly pampered their guests and updated the hotel to meet modern day’s demands. The hotel was subsequently taken over by out-and-out host Henk de Lugt in 2007. More than 6 years, our magnolia witnessed daily the enthusiasm and personal attention that Henk bestowed on every guest. Hotel Zandbergen turned into a synonym for sincere hospitality.

In 2013, the magnolia suddenly saw her own magnificent colours reflected in the hotel’s interior. The rooms were dashed with soft pink and green pastels and fresh and natural-looking furniture brightened up the lobby. Our magnolia flourished and continued to grow so that she could see better all that was happening in the hotel.

And this is what the magnolia observes through the windows of the lobby: the familiar hospitality and the sincere drive to cater to the guests needs that is present in all staff. And this harty service is felt all the more keenly now that the lobby has been converted into a cozy LivingRoom that breaths a homely and open atmosphere. During the day, and long into the night, guests have breakfast, drink coffee, work on their laptop od wind down with a drink to recover from a long day spent sightseeing or working in Amsterdam. Staff help their guests even before they know they needed help; no efforts are spared. They help carry luggage, explain how to nagivate the public transport system, provide an extra blanket or minibar and give insider tips about special places in Amsterdam. Everything is possible.

The hotel’s interior is absolutely modern and fresh, but it has been furnished with a sense of style and eye for comfort. The rooms are comfortable and equipped with all that can be expected from a hotel, but with an unexpected twist: 100% linnen sheets, fairtrade soap and shampoo, a soft cuddly dog on the bed. Everything the magnolia symbolises is reflected in this hotel: love of nature and people, idealis mand strong principles.

Guests are welcomed into a styleful, newly-decorated three start plus hotel that exudes an atmosphere of hospitality and personal attention: no hotel chain sentiments! It is a place where everybody feels at home and that is inextricably bound up with the area, the city, the staff and owners. And of course there is that beautiful garden with its magnolia tree that takes you back down the vista of years and brings back such sweet memories.